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Model 2020/21

Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro

Item number TF-Z9PRO
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Customer ratings (136)
136 Customer ratings
4.64 of 5 Stars
T-Fitness Expert Review (Info)
T-Fitness puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the T-Fitness expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
Smoothness of Rotation
The equipment includes, i.e., the brake system providing a comfortable workout motion. In combination with the training pc, precise resistance adjustments and diversion while exercising are made possible. Transport wheels, bottle holders, pulse measuring are extras increasing training comfort or effectivity and contributing to a good evaluation.
A sturdy frame construction, high weight, and safe stastand provide stability of the ergometer. A stable ergometer has a higher weight load capacity. Frame and handlebar are less loose for higher training intensities, the ergometer is more durable.
Besides the transmission ratio, the balance unit contributes to the concentric run. It consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearings, etc.. The better the concentric run, the more joint-gentle becomes the workout.
An ergonomic construction of the rgometer prevents signs of tiredness and physiological bad postures. Details like adjustment of saddle and handlebar, a low entry, pedal sapce, and general construction of the machine provide good ergonomics.
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1.499,00 €
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electronic magnetic braking system 10-350 watts
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Exercise programmes 18
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Flywheel mass 17 kg
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Max. user-weight 150 kg

Taurus Indoor Cycle Z9 Pro

Indoor cycle with watt control and fixed hub

  • Controlled via training computer
    with watt control and app compatibility
  • Multi-adjustable
    Every exerciser finds their perfect sitting position
Figure: Indoor cycle with watt control and rigid hub
Indoor cycle with watt control and rigid hub
The Z9 Series Taurus Racing Bikes are the only exercise bikes with a fixed hub (no freewheel) AND electronic resistance adjustment. The Z9 Pro combines the classic indoor cycle from the course room with the ergometer from the fitness studio. Thanks to the electronic resistance adjustment, it is easier to control your training sessions and document your progress. The rigid or fixed hub offers the advantage of a rounder running pace and also brings other training-relevant advantages (e.g. for high cadence training).
Figure: Console with Bluetooth® for control via apps
Console with Bluetooth® for control via apps
Easily adjust all settings using the small, clearly-laid-out console. You can use the watt programme or one of the ready-made profile programmes. The console also has a Bluetooth® interface, which you can use to connect the Z9 Pro to the iConsole+ Training and Kinomap apps. With this, you can follow the routes filmed by other users. When it's wet and grey outside, just choose a Hawaii route video.
Figure: Professional handlebar with many grip positions
Professional handlebar with many grip positions
The Z9 Pro offers one of the best handlebars on the market! First of all, it can be adjusted in height AND horizontal distance. There are also countless grip positions. For example, the triathlon handlebar for long journeys, a deep racing bike handle, a handle for uphill mountain biking and and and... So you can perfectly simulate every cycling situation on your Z9 Pro.
Figure: The perfect sitting position
The perfect sitting position
The Z9 Pro is delivered with a real racing bike saddle, but you can of course swap the saddle for your own. The sitting position can be adjusted perfectly. The height, horizontal distance to the handlebars and even the incline of the saddle can be quickly adjusted. On the Z9 Pro, you always have the best sitting position
Figure: Exceptional stability and durability
Exceptional stability and durability
With its solid frame and first-class construction, the Z9 Pro is designed for heavy loads. That is why the Z9 Pro is approved for semi-professional use, so it is also ideal for long training sessions.

T-Fitness Expert Review

Smoothness of Rotation

T-Fitness puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the T-Fitness expert review and find your appropriate equipment.

Technical information

  • Model 2020/21 info
    The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production.
  • Technical information - Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro:
    • Braking system: electronically adjustable magnetic brake
    • Output: 10 - 350 W (Adjustable in increments starting from 5 Watt)
    • RPM-independent resistance control
    • Flywheel mass: 17 kg
    • Gear ratio: 1:6.5
    • Length of the pedal arms: 17 cm
    • Q-factor / pedal spacing: 19.8 cm
  • Computer - Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro:
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Display of exercise profiles via LCD
    • Exercise programmes in total: 18, of which custom: 1, heart rate controlled: 4
    • Resistance levels: 32
  • Features - Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro:
    • heart rate measurement: + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • Power supply: mains adaptor
    • Saddle adjustment: incline, horizontal, vertical
    • Removable saddle
    • Handlebar adjustment: vertical, horizontal,
    • combination pedals
    • Extras: transport wheels, Exchangeable crank arms,
  • Compatible with the Kinomap app, featuring more than 123,000 km of route videos, live competitions and running tutorials
  • Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro: perfect sitting position like an indoor bike, perfect training control like an exercise bike
  • Display with bluetooth for controlling the indoor bike via an App
  • More than 500 watts of resistance in speed-dependent mode
  • Training computer:
    • manual mode
    • 12 preinstalled programmes
    • user programme
    • watt programme
    • heart rate control: 55%, 75%, 90% of HRmax and target heart rate
  • Precisely adjustable sitting position from upright to triathlon and to sprint
  • Exchangeable saddle and pedals
  • Perfect for the use with the free App iconsole+
  • Taurus Z9 Indoor Bikes: the only indoor bikes with a rigid axle for rocking pedaling AND electronically adjustable braking power
  • Max. user-weight - Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro: (L) 143 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 124 cm

Indoor Cycle with Ergometer Function

The Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro combines the best aspects of the ergometer and indoor cycle. For example, the adjustable sitting position and excellent concentricity thanks to the large flywheel. From the ergometer the Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro also has the watt control function, which creates more precise training control so you can reproduce your training successes.

Bluetooth® function for use with apps

All of the Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro's functions and programmes can be selected with the clearly structured console. It also has a Bluetooth® transmitter. If your mobile device is compatible, you can use this to connect your smartphone or tablet to the indoor cycle.

Your new fitness equipment can be controlled by various apps that are available for free download. This includes, for example, the iConsole+ Training fitness app. This offers you the normal control of the device, with a well-laid-out interface. The Kinomap app can also be used. With this, you can ride along to videos of journeys around the world – which include altitude information! In winter, the Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro is definitely the better alternative to a rain-soaked or icy road! The videos are recorded by other users of the app – so more and more routes are accumulated. There are also daily multiplayer races. The app's functionality grows bigger every day!

Get that real racing experience on a real racing machine

The Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro offers practically all the same setting options as a classic indoor cycle. First there is the handlebar with its countless grip options: this includes, for example, racing bike or triathlon postures, but also sitting upright. The handlebars can be adjusted horizontally as well as in height and so can be perfectly adapted to your preferred training posture.

The saddle is a real racing bike saddle and can be swapped like a real bicycle saddle can. It is adjustable in height and distance to the handlebars, and the incline can also be adjusted. The settings are infinitely variable, but a scale is entered for orientation. You can find your personalised seat settings in no time.

PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.
Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty Frame
Home use (Find out more)
The scope of warranty for home use includes private use of fitness equipment in a private household.

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
36 months 30 years
Semiprofessional use (Find out more)
A semi-professional use is given, when the fitness equipment is used in instutitions like hotels, schools, clubs, or for rehabilitation, company fitness, etc..

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
12 months -
Professional use (Find out more)
The warranty for professional use concerns fitness equipment at public, commercial institutions (i.e., gyms).

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
- -

Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro Test & Evaluations:

4.64 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

en by Peter on 18.4.2019 4
Good but better bikes for the money. Doesn’t have ANT so can’t connect to standard devices like HR monitors or Zwift
en by Anonym on 12.2.2018 4
Excellent biking features; heart rate measurement is only remote (add.); Heavy instrument; silent running; multiple hand position. The optional iConsole+ program is not professional.
de by Volkhard Helfen on 12.2.2021 5
Das Taurus Indoor Bike Z9 Pro macht eine soliden, stabilen Eindruck. Besonders gut gefällt uns die Ausstattung mit dem Trainingscomputer. Auch die geringe Geräuschentwicklung ist bemerkenswert. Die Ausstattung mit der elektronischen Magnetbremse trägt dazu bei. Durch die vielfachen Verstellmöglichenkeiten ist das Rad f... [Read more]ür alle Körpergrößen geeignet. Meine Frau und ich nutzen das Trainingsgerät gemeinsam, und das Verstellen ist schnell und einfach erledigt. Wir sind insgesamt sehr zufrieden mit der Anschaffung. [Show less]
de by Peter B on 26.1.2021 5
Das Taurus Indoor war eine klasse Investition und macht jede Menge Freude.
de by Christian Lingl on 23.1.2021 5
Nach längerer online Recherche habe ich das Z9 pro von Taurus in der Sport Tiedje Filiale in Nürnberg bestellt, nachdem ich es dort gründlich in Augenschein genommen habe. Wichtig für mich war die Möglichkeit das Bike mit einer App zu koppeln um so bestimmte Strecken Nachfahren zu können. Ein ebenso wichtiges kaufkrite... [Read more]rium war die Anpassungsfähigkeit an die Körpergröße, da meine Frau deutlich kleiner ist als ich. Die hohe Schwungmasse für einen runden Lauf war ebenfalls wichtig. Somit habe ich die wesentlichen Eigenschaften des Gerätes schon beschrieben und.... ja, es würde nicht bei mir zu Hause stehen, wenn es diese nicht erfüllt hätte. Wie hat sich das Rad in den ersten Wochen nun bewährt? Nach einer unkomplizierten Montage habe ich das Bike gleich getestet. Da, wo ich herkomme heißt es, „nicht geschimpft ist genug gelobt!“, aber es gibt schon ein paar Dinge, die ich explizit ansprechen möchte. Gut gefällt mir die einfache Bedingungen mit den vielfältigen Modi. Von Manuell über Pulsabhängig und Watt- gesteuert hin zu der angesprochen App Steuerung. Und ja, Alp d‘ Huez pfeift rein! Die pulsmessung ist kompatibel zu den gängigen Modellen. Die Verarbeitung ist ordentlich. Da wackelt nix im Wiegetritt, trotz meiner 100 Kilo. Was würde ich ändern oder verbessern? Den Radcomputer könnte man mal einen Touchscreen spendieren und die Schnittstelle aufmachen um noch andere Apps anzubinden. Die Möglichkeit einen Flaschenhalter zu montieren wäre hilfreich. Ansonsten bin ich nach nunmehr einem Monat intensiver Nutzung sehr zufrieden. [Show less]

Taurus Indoor Cycle Racing Bike Z9 Pro accessory - our recommendation:

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49,90 €
49,90 €
29,90 € 19,90 €
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