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The fitness exercise bike offers a Watt precise, joint-gentle training at home

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Balance mass

The movement quality is determined by balance mass, material and workmanship quality, and transmission ratio. Our fitness experts have summarized and pre-selected all important facts for a high movement quality here.

Filter according to the movement quality to choose ergometers with especially comfortable courses of movement.

Movement quality

Type of use

Ergometers for home use are designed for private use. Semi-professional ergometers are designed for a longer operating life and can also be used at hotels, clubs, and for company's fitness. Ergometers of commercial quality are best for professional use at gyms and for a very long operating life. Semi-professional and professional ergometers are also excellent for home use due to their high-grade material quality.

Range of application

Deep step-through

A deep step-through allows a very easy getting on and off an ergometer. A deep step-through is recommendable especially for older users and persons with physical constraints.

Deep step-through

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T-Fitness puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the T-Fitness test judgement and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment includes, i.e., the brake system providing a comfortable workout motion. In combination with the training pc, precise resistance adjustments and diversion while exercising are made possible. Transport wheels, bottle holders, pulse measuring are extras increasing training comfort or effectivity and contributing to a good evaluation.
A sturdy frame construction, high weight, and safe stastand provide stability of the ergometer. A stable ergometer has a higher weight load capacity. Frame and handlebar are less loose for higher training intensities, the ergometer is more durable.
Besides the transmission ratio, the balance unit contributes to the concentric run. It consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearings, etc.. The better the concentric run, the more joint-gentle becomes the workout.
An ergonomic construction of the rgometer prevents signs of tiredness and physiological bad postures. Details like adjustment of saddle and handlebar, a low entry, pedal sapce, and general construction of the machine provide good ergonomics.
Items per page:

Exercise Bike - Customer ratings

  • Reebok exercise bike One GB40S

    Anonym 13.4.2018 - Reebok exercise bike One GB40S

    Excellent value, good build quality, smooth and quiet and has lots of programs and resistance levels

  • Taurus indoor cycle Racing Bike Z9

    Anonym 12.2.2018 - Taurus indoor cycle Racing Bike Z9

    Excellent biking features; heart rate measurement is only remote (add.); Heavy instrument; silent running; multiple hand position. The optional iConsole+ program is not professional.

  • cardiostrong recumbent exercise bike BC 70

    John Miller 14.12.2017 - cardiostrong recumbent exercise bike BC 70

    It was very well packed. Easy to put together and start using. It is compact, stable. It feels exactly the same as similar machines in the gyms around UK. Sophisticated German engineering at its best.

  • cardiostrong exercise bike BX30

    Sam Jeffs 20.10.2017 - cardiostrong exercise bike BX30

    Great bike with a good selection of programs and settings. The assembly process is simple enough with parts all laid out and labelled for ease. Monitor has connectivity to a chest hear rate monitor. Useful feature would be the ability to download workouts. Great value for money.

  • Reebok exercise bike One GB50 Bike

    Anonym 22.8.2016 - Reebok exercise bike One GB50 Bike

    Geat!!!! products and service.

  • Schwinn fitness bike Airdyne AD8

    Brad 22.8.2016 - Schwinn fitness bike Airdyne AD8

    The Airdyne AD8 is a very well designed machine. It is simple to put together, and after assembly it stands solid as a rock, allowing you to perform HIIT without even the slightest sign of wobbling. The ability to adjust the seat forward and back as well as up and down makes it a great choice for people of all different sizes. The display is intuitive and very easy to use. Great product, I would buy it again without hesitation!

  • Kettler exercise bike Racer S incl. Kettler World Tour 2.0

    Frank 16.8.2016 - Kettler exercise bike Racer S incl. Kettler World Tour 2.0

    Die Ausführung und Verarbeitung des Geräts ist sehr hochwertig. Passt optisch auch in ein schickeres Wohnzimmer und sieht dabei durchaus gut aus. Die Bedienung ist sehr einfach und selbsterklärend auch die App funktioniert schnell. Die zugehörige Software läuft leider nur auf Windows PC, wurde somit noch nicht erprobt. Im Betrieb ist das Ergometer sehr laufruhig und leise. Es ist absolut keine Geräuschbelästigung auch wenn man direkt daneben sitzt. Ein kleiner Schwachpunkt ist die Einstellung für kleine Personen, mit 169cm Körpergrüße ist die kürzeste Oberrohrlänge bereits etwas gestreckt. Ein weiterer Schwachpunkt ist dass der Flache Bereich des Lenkers (also direkt quer ganz hinten) durch die aufgebauten Aerolenker so behindert wird, dass man mit großen Händen nicht mehr gut darunter greifen kann. (Die anderen Lenkerpositionen - Rennrad und Aero - funktionieren aber sehr gut, sind eben gestreckter. Der Aufbau ist schon eine Herausforderung. Der Karton ist von einer Person alleine nicht transportierbar. Der Aufbau kann von einer Person geleistet werden. Erfordert aber auch den Umgang mit sehr schweren Einzelteilen, elktischer und mechanischer Montage, bis hin zum Kleben des Lenkerbandes. Dauer: 1h. Für technisch nicht versierte und schwächere Personen kann nur geraten werden, das Gerät aufbauen zu lassen.

  • cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i

    Anonym 30.5.2016 - cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i

    Excellent quality and sturdy bike. Very quiet. About one hour to assemble. If you buy it from the German site note the instruction book is in German and it comes with a continental plug.

  • Kettler ergometer Tour S

    ADam 26.5.2016 - Kettler ergometer Tour S

    Great design, quality and functionality. Perfect combination with s-fit app and/or KWT 2.0. One of these is a "must have" to fully recognize the range of the functionality. Strongly recommend.

  • Kettler exercise bike X5

    Dennis Wittke 10.3.2016 - Kettler exercise bike X5

    Guter Ergometer, der auch für Menschen über knapp 2 m geeignet ist. Stabile und schwere Verarbeitung, dennoch recht leicht aufzubauen. Vielfältige Programm-Auswahl. Für den Hausgebrauch absolut empfehlenswert.

Purchase advice for exercise bikes: the most important facts about the popular fitness equipment

Exercise bikes are fitness machines for home training
Train at home with the exercise bike
Exercise bikes or bike trainers have been the most popular and most frequent fitness machines for a long time. It's due to their very simple principle: they work like bikes and that's what everyone knows. Despite the simple principle, there are many little differences between the different models. That's why it is all the more important to find and buy the correct or - more precisely - the appropriate training machine. It's very often that ppor exercise bikes of the discounter or the store end as dust catcher or coat stand. Offering our purchase advice for exercise bike, we would like to call your attention to the important differences and help you in deciding what to purchase.

Why should I buy an exercise bike?

At first, we would like to explain you the advantages of an exercise bike in short, so you can be sure that the exercise bike is the ideal fitness machine for you and not just another category of equipment, as for instance treadmill or elliptical cross trainer.
Exercise bikes offer some advantages for all users, being absolutely independent from age, fitness level or training goal. One of the biggest advantages of a bike trainer is the accessibility: There's no need of exercise to work out with an exercise bike. Those, who can sit down and pedal, can do an effective cardiovascular training with the fitness equipment.
Cardio training with an exercise bike is possible at any time. Just doing a few sessions a week will result in good successes for health or in losing weight - and for the general fitness. The training in the sitting position is very comfortable and mainly more joint-gentle than running. Hence, many healthy training programmes are developed according to the bike trainer.
In contrast to the classic upright bike, the advantage of bike trainers is that the resistance of an exercise bike can be watt-precisely set. It offers the advantage that the own performance is precisely measured and the same resistance can be set again and again.

Purchase advice for an exercise bike: Recumbent bike or exercise bike

At first, it is important to differentiate between two designs of exercise bikes: Recumbent bike and the upright exercise bike. The upright exercise bike is actually like a stationary bike. Saddle, pedals, handles - everything you expect from a real bike is included in an exercise bike.
Recumbent bikes are exercise bikes with backrest
Recumbent bikes are
back-gentle exercise bikes
Recumbent bikes differ from the common bike design. The pedals are not below the seat, but they are mounted in the front of the machine. The saddle is situated below the pedals and are a bit lower. Hence, the training position on the recumbent bike is almost lying, just the upper body is upright. Recumbent bikes offer an even more comfortable training and the back is additionally supported and relieved. Even though the position on the recumbent bike looks more comfortable, the training is as effective and intensive as with a common upright exercise bike. Find the recumbent bikes at our online shop under its own category.

Seat adjustment

Your new exercise bike should be equipped with a height-adjustable seat. The more precise the adjustment, the better! Pleasy pay attention that the height adjustment has a scale so that every user can quickly find its best sitting height. The height adjustment should be as simple as possible, i. e., with a control knob or a lever. For a better seat adjustment, the seat should also be adjustable in horizontal direction - that means in the space between saddle and handlebar.


The seat should be big enough so that everyone, who uses the machine, can comfortable sit down on it. The upholstery should be soft and thick so that long training sessions remain comfortable. The most comfort is offered by gel saddles. The saddle of many exercise bikes can also be exchanged. For instance, you can use your bike saddle on the exercise bike or exchange the saddle against another model. That's an interesting feature, when different persons train with the machine or when you want to cycle with a more sporty racing saddle.
Exercise bike with deep step-through
Exercise bike with deep step-through

Frame and body with step-through

In the meantime, more and more exercise bikes models offer a deep step-through. Between upright post and seat, the frame is not closed - so you can easily step through. For persons with limited mobility, a deep step-trhough is essential. It is also recommendable for all other users, because getting on and off is much easier.

Training control via pulse

Exercise bikes are great for losing weight. In order to make a weight reduction as successful as possible, the exercise bike should be equipped with the possibility of heart rate monitoring. A heart rate monitoring offers the advantage that you you can set a certain pulse zone. You achieve more effectively some training goals in certain pulse zones. The machine adjusts automatically the resistance so that you always remain in the set pulse zone. For instance, you train at 55 to 65 % of the maximum heart rate in the optimal fat burning zone. The following illustration makes clear which training goals can be best achieved in which pulse zone:
Very easy 50 to 60% Health zone Supporting health
Easy 60 to 70% Fat burning zone Activation of the fat metabolism, improvement of the basic cardio
Moderate 70 to 80% Aerobic training / Fitness zone Improvement of the aerobic fitness, increase in cardio performance
Intensive 80 to 90% Anaerobic training / Anaerobic zone Improvement of lactage tolerance, training for maximum increase in performance
Maximum 90 to 100% Maximum training / competition zone Improvement of maximum performance and speed


Beispiel T-Fitness Testurteil Ergometer
An example of the T-Fitness exercise bike test rating
It is important that all mobile parts of the exercise bike, especially the drive belt, are completely covered. Hence it is ensured that nothing gets caught or clamped while exercising. In addition, a cover ensures that the sensitive inside of the exercise bike is protected from dust, dirt, and sweat. Moreover, the stability provides a higher safety - we tested it for you. Please find the rating in the T-Fitness test rating. Our T-Fitness test rating offers you an evaluation with respect to equipment, ergonomics, and concentric run as well.

Resistance setting and training programmes

Training programmes offer diversion and support you in achieving your training goals more effectively. Many programmes are not really required. In principle, all exercise bikes are already equipped with the possibility of Watt control. In addition, we recommend at least one programme for controlling the performance via the heart rate, an interval programme as well as a small selection of pre-set profile programmes. Hence, new stimulations can be set in the training again and again and progress is quicker achieved.
Exercise bike console with pre-set profile programmes
Exercise bike console with hot keys
for pre-set profile programmes
The training computer should be easy to use. When the whole family works out with the machine, the computer should be equipped with a user memory. Hence, grandma, father or daughter can use immediately their personal settings.


An ergonomic design prevents signs of fatigue and avoids physiologically false postures. Details like the adjustability of saddle and handlebar, a deep step-through, the pedal space, and the general design of the machine ensure good ergonomics. Please find an overall evaluation of the ergonomics of all our exercise bikes in the T-Fitness test rating. Furthermore, you can test exercise bikes at all our stores in order to find out which design of an exercise bike is best for you.

The handle

Exercise bike with a multi-handle
Exercise bike with a multi-handle
The more grip possibility an exercise bike offers, the better it is. First, different persons can chose the preferred grip position and secondly, you sit more comfortably, when you can support yourself as you like it. In addition, you can change the hand position during the training. Please make sure that the handles are non-slip. When the handlebar is also adjustable in height or incline, it offers an additional comfort.

The training experience with an exercise bike

The concentric run or the training experience is closely linked to the ergonomics - a comfortable training position. Many small factors ensure a good concentric run, of it the workmanship and the material quality. We cycled with all exercise bikes and evaluated all exercise bikes according to the criterion "concentric run" in our T-Fitness test rating.

Balance mass

We are often asked for balance mass. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the weight of the balance mass of an exercise bike is not a decisive feature. The workmanship of the whole resistance system and its quality are much more important. A big balance mass might be a sign for a good exercise bike, but not necessarily.

Do you have other questions about exercise bikes - we are happy to give advice!

We hope that we help and support you with our purchase advice for exercise bikes to choose your fitness equipment. If you still have questions, please give us a call on our free service number, write us an email or use our Live-Support chat. When you want to test an exercise bike, we invite you to visit one of our several stores.

Alternatives for exercise bikes

Besides the recumbent bikes, there are two other alternatives for exercise bikes: the indoor cycle and the upright bike. Upright bikes are actually the predecessors of exercise bikes and offer much less functions. The important Watt control is not offered by upright bikes, for instance.
Indoor cycles are rather meant for sportsmen. They are much more similar to a traditional bike, because they are not equipped with any electronics, for instance. The resistance is manuallyl set and can be set much higher.

Good reasons to buy an exercise bike

Finally, we would like to summarise the most important advantages of an exercise bike for you:
  • When you go for an exercise bike, you train independently of the weather and the time.
  • The relatively small equipment is space-efficient and easy to use.
  • The training is easy and motivating.
  • The resistance is displayed in Watt.
  • Exercise bikes are easily "accessible": everyone, who can pedal, can benefit from the training!
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