Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR)

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Version - All Black Titanium HR (incl. chest strap)
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Version - White HR (incl. chest strap)
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  • Stable as well as elegant multi-sport GPS watch for athletes and multi-sport adventurers; hand-made in Finland!
  • NEW: Coloured touch screen (resolution: 320 x 300 px) for best overview and an easy menu operation
  • NEW: Materials of higher quality than its predecessor (Suunto Ambit 3 Peak): glass made of sapphire crystal (instead of mineral crystal) and bezel made of stainless steel or space proven titanium (instead of steel)!
  • NEW: Weighing just 77 g or 73 g (titanium models), it is much lighter than its predecessor (Suunto Ambit 3 Peak; 89 g)!
  • With advanced outdoor and multi-sport functions (i.e., 80 pre-set sport modes with race and interval operation; multitude of sports specific figures)
  • Recording the heart rate while swimming is possible (with the Suunto Smart Sensor chest strap)
  • Battery lifetime of up to 65 hours (depending upon the settings), when the GPS is turned on
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - General functions and technical specifications:
    • Compatibility with Bluetooth Smart
    • Glass material: sapphire crystal or titanium
    • Bezel material: stainless steel or titanium
    • Case material: polyamide
    • Case material: silicone
    • Battery type: lithium-ion battery
    • Waterproof: 100 m / 328 ft (according to ISO 6425)
    • Compatible with PODS
    • Stop watch
    • Menu languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - GPS functions:
    • Satelitte systems: GPS; GLONASS (NEU)
    • Waypoint and graphic route navigation
    • Creation of Points of Interest (POI); max. 250 POIs
    • NEW: advanced route planning (i.e., with elevation profile via
    • NEW: zoom navigation
    • AppleMaps & Mapbox in iOS mobile and MapBox & Google Maps & Amap in Android
    • Recording, displaying, and sharing of the track layout/route planning with
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Heart rate functions:
    • Heart rate transmission
    • NEW: recording of heart rate while swimming (via Suunto Smart Sensor)
    • Average heart rate in real time
    • Calories
    • Heart rate data in real time
    • Heart rate limit values
    • Sports type specific/personal heart rate zones
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Connectivity:
    • Per computer connection (PC & MAC) in send and analyse training data and illustrated tracks and elevation profiles
    • Compatible with the mobile Suunto Movescount App (iOS: iPhone from 4S, iPad mini, iPad from 3rd generation and iPod Touch from 5th generation; Android from end of September 2016)
    • Calls, SMS, push messages on the watch (with Movescount App)
    • Create and share Suunto films (with Movescount App)
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions altimeter:
    • Barometric altimetry
    • Via GPS corrected barometric altimetry (FusedAltiTM)
    • Altimeter range from -500 m to 9000 m / from -1600 feet to 29500 feet
    • Automated Alti/Baro change
    • Recording intervals: 1 s
    • Resolution: 1 m / 3 feet
    • Temperature compensation
    • Total ascent/descent: air pressure based
    • Vertical speed: air pressure based
    • NEW: automated altimeter/barometer profile
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions compass:
    • Digital 3-D compass
    • Incline compensation
    • Bearing in cardinal points
    • Declination correction
    • Calibrating instructions
    • Bearing in degree
    • North-south indicator
    • Compass resolution: 1°
    • Compass precision: 5°
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions watch:
    • 12/24h
    • Alarm with snooze function
    • Calendar watch
    • Daily alarms: 1
    • Displays two time zones
    • GPS time keeping
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Weather functions:
    • Barometer range: 950-1060 hPa / 28.34-31.30 inHg
    • Barometer resolution: 1 hPa / 0.03 inHg
    • Air pressure at sea level
    • Temperature resolution: 1°C/1°F
    • Temperature
    • Sunrise/sunset
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions multi-sport:
    • Change the sports mode during the training
    • Pre-configured multi-sport modes
    • Multi-sport training summary on the watch
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions running:
    • Running speed
    • Suunto Fusedspeed
    • Running rhythm (via watch or foot pod)
    • Lap comparison
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions cycling:
    • Speed
    • Average speeddigkeit in real time
    • Functions/displays with the Power Sensor: Watt (real time, average, and maximum), bike lap, maximum lap performance, performance distribution, and diagrammes), and many more
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Functions swimming:
    • Speed and distance data for swimming in the pool and in free water
    • Recording of heart rate while swimming (via Suunto Smart Sensor)
    • Swim time after lane length, lap, sum
    • Swim stroke rate, counter, and type
    • Swim strock efficiency (SWOLF)
    • Automated intervals
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) - Further functions:
    • NEW: vibration alarm
    • Integrated activity tracker for observing the (everyday life) movements
    • Recommended recovery duration after the training (in consideration of the activity tracker)

Multi-sport GPS watch for athletes and multi-sport adventurers; hand-made in Finland

The Finnish manufacturer Suunto brings the next generation of a premium multi-sport watch, the Spartan Ultra (HR). Thanks to its unique features, the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) is designed for athletes as well as adventurers. Besides a colour touch screen, which offers a good readability even in bright sunlight, the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) convinces by several pre-set, sport type specific training types and programmes. Runners, for instance, can choose a "basic run mode", an "interval running mode" or a "trail running mode". Each of those includes important information for an effective training.
Furthermore, the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) provides an overview about the load of the athlete, the break and recovery phases, and the personal progress. Hence, the training plan can be individually adapted and optimised. The Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) offers the sportsman the additional possibility to note his/her condition and physical state after the training. Moreover, the GPS multi-sport watch observes the activities of the sportsman 24 hours, seven days a week - with daily and weekly results, the calorie consumption, and the active time. The personal best performances can also always be called via the watch. In combination with the Suunto Movescount App or/and online platform, the user benefits from several practical and motivating messages.

Suunto Spartan Ultra (HR): Hand-made in Finland - because quality is made of identification.

The Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR), which is made in Finland, is made to resist all conditions even with respect to workmanship and quality. Here, the GPS multi-sport watch is waterproof up to a depth of 100 metres (according to ISO 6425). The case of the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) is made of glass fibre reinforced with polyamide, sapphire crystal glass, and a stainless steel or titanium 5 bezel. The Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Ultra (HR) offers an advanced navigation possibilities, a barometric altimeter with FusedAlti, a digital compass, and a durable lithium-ion battery for multi-sport adventurers.

It is available in different versions - depending on your requirements.

The Suunto Spartan Ultra collection includes four models: All Black Titanium, Stealth Titanium, white and black. Each of those is available with or without the Suunto Smart Sensor for the transmission of the heart rate.

Erhältlich in verschiedenen Varianten - je nach Bedürfnis.

Die Suunto Spartan Ultra Kollektion beinhaltet vier Modelle: All Black Titanium, Stealth Titanium, Weiß und Schwarz. Jedes davon ist erhältlich mit oder ohne den Suunto Smart Sensor für die Überwachung der Herzfrequenz.

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

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Bel objet mais usage compliqué car la luminosité est très basse malgré les réglages à 100% La couleur et très peu visible donc aucun intérêt Le visuel de la publicité est retourché et la réalité est tout autre... Sinon plutôt performant au niveaux des fonctions mais la lisibilité rend la montre très difficilement utilisable en plein solei
Ich hab mir die Spartan Ultra All Black im Laden gekauft, um mir selbst dort einen Eindruck von der Uhr zu verschaffen. Die Uhr macht einen klasse, hochwertigen Eindruck, liegt auch gut in der Hand ;-) Bei den ersten Runden war / ist das GPS Signal "sofort" schneller als gewohnt verfügbar. Top - Es macht Spaß damit seine Runden zudrehen und die Einarbeitung ins Menü war fast kinderleicht und sehr übersichtlich.
Absolutes Hammer Produkt Top GPS empfang verschiedene Sportmods seit Firmwareupdate top gewohnte top Verarbeitung
Ich habe mir die Spartan Ultra All Black (HR) bestellt, weil mir diese am Besten gefallen hat (von den Produktfotos). In der Realität macht sie wirklich was her, und das dezente Schwarz finde ich super, weil ich sie somit sowohl beim Sport als auch bei der Arbeit am Handgelenk tragen kann. Nach der Inbetriebnahme war ich vom Display sehr begeistert. Der Kontrast des Ziffernblatts auch ohne Beleuchtung, aber vor allem bei hellem Tageslicht ist sehr gut. Schade finde ich nur, dass zwar die Uhr am Markt ist, aber anscheinden die Software-Entwicklung von Suunto mit den Funktionen nicht hinterhergekommen ist. Es fehlen viele Funktionen, die schon angepriesen wurden und auch welche die es zB bei der Ambit3 schon seit langem gibt. Die Routen-Navigation hab ich trotz intensivem Studium der Betriebsanleitung nicht zum Laufen gebracht. Da ich aber selbst Software-Entwickler bin, kann ich einen solchen Delay nachvollziehen und bin tortzdem guter Dinge, dass mit baldigen Software-Updates noch viele coole Funktionen auf dieser Uhr und auf verfügbar sein werden. ... [Read more]

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