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Taurus sling trainer

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Customer ratings (33)
33 Customer ratings
4.61 of 5 Stars
T-Fitness Expert Review (Info)
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Variety of exercises
Adjustment possibilities of the sling trainer are part of a good equipment. Furthermore, additional fixing possibilities and appropriate accessories, i.e., training dvds and training posters, are further features of the equipment.
Handling of a sling trainer should be as easy as possible. Versatile usage possibilities, easy storage possibilities, and easy use of the sling trainer are important.
The quality and lifespan of the used materials are important criteria for sling trainers. Materials the most sturdy possible with a low wear is ideal for optimal training conditions.
Sling trainers offer a multitude of exercising possibilities. The more training variation a sling trainer offers, the more ideal it is. Exercises with sling trainers can be done as fixed or elastic training.
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
  • Taurus sling trainer Product picture
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Product details: Taurus sling trainer

  • Taurus sling trainer for an effective whole body workout
  • Incl. door anchor and extension strap
  • Instruction for Sling Training enclosed
  • Can be used almost everywhere !
  • Workout with the Taurus sling trainer offers:
    • efficient workout of many muscle groups
    • varied exercises
    • natural courses of motion
    • top-quality workmanship: long durability
    • can be used everywhere, suitable for travelling
  • Taurus sling trainer:
    • improvement of flexibility
    • muscle building
    • stamina improvement
    • exercising muscle coordination
  • Length easy to adjust between 100 and 200 cm
  • Stable karabiner, hardweargin straps, careful seams
  • Anti-slip grips, padded foot straps
  • Training guide with twelve freely variable exercises, i.e. for leg muscles, back, and shoudlers, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, trunk muscles - all muscle groups of the body
  • Training difficulty can be varied by adjusting the strap length: suitable for beginners and top athletes
  • Training with the Taurus sling trainer, whereever you want:
    • indoor
    • outdoor
    • at home
    • travelling
    • gym
    • everywhere
  • Maximum user weight: approximately 150 kg

Description: Taurus sling trainer

T-Fitness Expert Review (Info)
Variety of exercises

The Taurus sling trainer is a varied fitness equipment for exercising the whole body. The Taurus sling trainer uses the own body weight as training resistance. Therefore, it is very light and can be used almost everywhere.

Exercise muscle groups with the Taurus sling trainer

Almost all muscle groups can be exercised with the sling trainer of Taurus. Workouts with the strap training system exercise the interplay of muscles (intermuscular coordination). Stamina and flexibility can be improved and muscles are built with the Taurus sling trainer. Sports specific motions (like for tennis, swimming or golf) are ideally exercised with the sling trainer.

Exercising with the Taurus sling trainer

Sling Training is a functional training system based upon the principle of instability. The own body weight serves as training resistance. Hang with hands or feet in the straps and complete the exercises. The strap length of the Taurus sling trainer can be comfortably adjusted for varying the level of difficulty. The workout is very unstable and more challenging, because straps go through a metal ring. The Taurus sling trainer is fixed by crossing the strap loops and offers beginners optimal training conditions. The Taurus sling trainer includes a guide with exercise examples.

Mounting/fixing the Taurus sling trainer ?

The Taurus sling trainer can be used and mounted almost everywhere. Extension strap and carabiner are on the metal ring. The fixation strap can be changed in length for mounting the Taurus sling trainer on a very high position or, i.e., around thick trees. Just mount the Taurus sling trainer on each fixed bar (i.e. a door bar), by putting the strap around it and fixing with a karabiner. The delivery of the Taurus sling trainer includes a door anchor for fixation in closed door.

Advantages of the Taurus sling trainer

  • smart training system for the whole body
  • great training effectivity
  • solid straps and long durability
  • instability training, functional exercises
  • very flexible

The Taurus sling trainer offers a varied workout program for everyone. Thanks to flexible adjustability, beginners as well as top athletes benefit from the Taurus sling trainer. Although weighing less than 1kg, the Taurus sling trainer is extremely hardwearing.

Warranty conditions: Taurus sling trainer

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

Taurus sling trainer Test & Evaluations:

3 Stars
2 Stars
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4.61 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

de by Matthias S. on 29.12.2019 5
Der Schlingentrainer ist gut und stabil verarbeitet. Ich nutze ihn an einer Deckenbefestigung für den Sandsack und bin bisher sehr zufrieden.
dk by Schmidt on 28.6.2019 5
Et rigtigt godt produkt af høj kvalitet, der er brugt kraftige materialer der efter min mening helt klart er konkurrence dygtige i forhold til den noget dyrere trx som jeg ingen grund ser til at købe efter at have prøvet taurus træneren. Nem at sætte op ude som inde og tage med på ferie. God træning!!!
dk by Kenneth Nielsen on 2.1.2019 5
God kvalitet til prisen, meget alsidig træningsredskab som man kan træne hele kroppen med.
de by Heiko Bernhard on 2.12.2018 5
Stabile Gurte. Griffe liegen gut in der Hand. Der Gurt, an dem die Griffe befestigt sind kommt mir ein wenig kurz vor, auch wenn ich ihn auf die max. Länge ausgezogen habe. Da bin ich vielleicht ein bischen verwöhnt, von dem im Fitnessstudio.
de by Anonym on 20.9.2018 5
Top, alles dabei, gut einstellbar und viele Übungen sind in der Anleitung vorgestellt.

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