Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer

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T-Fitness Expert Review
Variety of exercises
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  • Multi-gym Total Trainer for efficient, varied strength training at home
  • Very safe folding mechanism for easy assembly and quick storing of the Total Trainers of Taurus
  • Counter weight increases by changing incline
  • 11 degrees of difficulty with up to 69% of body weight as training resistance (without additional weight plates)
  • Slide can be loaded additionally with up to 50 kg (weight plates) for more training resistance
  • Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer for sport specific motions (i.e., g olf, tennis, ski)
  • Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer muscle building training for:
    • shoulder and arms
    • back and abdominal muscles
    • chest muscles
    • buttocks and legs (glutaeus, thighs, calves)
  • Incl. instructions for stretching and warm-up/cool-down exercises
  • Even and smoothly gliding slide with thick, comfortably upholstery
  • Workout DVD with Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer video (60 exercises) and Pilates training video (32 exercises)
  • Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer delivery includes:
    • Total Trainer 3500
    • training charts, complete instructions with 70 exercises for muscle building, stretching, etc.
    • leg press
    • shoulder press/pull-up bar
    • leg straps
    • training DVD
    • assembly instructions
  • 22 cm weight plates rack on each side of the Taurus Total Trainer multi-gym - for using handles: approximately 10 cm Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer
  • Maximum user weight: 150kg
  • Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer upholstery dimensions: (L) 118 (W) 35 (H) 5 cm
  • Dimensions of leg press: 55 x 35 cm
  • Dimensions of the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer: (H) 121 (B stand foot) 50 cm (Bmax handles) 90 cm
  • 30 mm holder for weight plates
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms

The Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer is one of the most clever and most varied fitness equipment for strength training at home. Improve your health and fitness with the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer and support muscle building and your general well being.

The Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer offers the complete program

Work with your own body weight as training resistance while exercising with the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer. Move the training sledge via a cable pull system. The sledge of the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer is placed on smoothly running pulleys with ball bearings for a gentle, constant muscle building workout. The degree of difficulty of strength training on the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer can be changed by adjusting another incline or putting up to 50 kg of weight plates in addition.

Achieve your training targets with the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer offering universal use, i.e.:
  • weight reduction
  • better shape with defined muscles
  • more muscle mass, power, stamina, and strength
  • better flexibility
  • stronger metabolism
  • prevent injuries
  • coordination and speed
  • and a greater self-confidence

Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer: gym on smallest space

The small Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer offers a very versatile use. Cable pulls can be attached to different places of the sledge offering totally different exercises. Cable pull varieties and more than 50 basic exercises for muscle building are shown in detail in the manual of the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer. Besides the cable pull handles, the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer offers a leg press and a handle for more diversion for strength training at home.

Assembling the Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer is very easy. Most parts are already pre-assembled, you just have to open the Total Trainer. The multi-gym has an easy, safe folding mechanism. Leg press and pull grips are quickly exchanged thanks to easy plug system. The Taurus multi-gym Total Trainer fits in each fitness room. The Total Trainer: a gym with all you need for muscle building on less than 3 sqm and not higher than 121 cm.

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years

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T-Fitness Expert Review
Variety of exercises

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0 persons found this review helpful
Its a perfect machine for home fitness, gym or pilates. Is of excellent quality and is also suitable for a man with height over 190cm. Very easy to put together
0 persons found this review helpful
Its a perfect home gym machine for a full body.
0 persons found this review helpful
This is a very sturdy piece of equipment and does exactly what it promises. When folded does not take too much space. And for those who wonder this is the TT DLX-III as it says on the box.
0 persons found this review helpful
God item ,strong component, happy to buy it
0 persons found this review helpful
Taurus Total Trainer, great piece of training equipment, have been going to a weights gym for 45 years and was once a Mr Britain winner, have owned my own gym for 14 years, yet have to admit that this is a great item, I can work every body part with great confidence, also add more weight plates as needed, it is very well constructed and easily portable. Hope you try it as I can\'t say anything at all negative about it.
0 persons found this review helpful
Extrem vielseitig und funktional. Der Schlitten läuft sehr leise über die Rollen und mit wenig Übung ist es sehr einfach zu handhaben. Man kann das Gerät auch einfach klappen und verstauen was ich ganz praktisch finde. Mir fallen sogar immer mehr Übungen ein die man damit machen kann. Ein wirklich smartes Gerät und sehr platzsparend.
0 persons found this review helpful
This product is great, though it lacks some accessories and a slightly better design, such as the Total Gym machines (they are hard to get in EU though). So for the price, this is an amazing machine that you can use to workout your entire body, no matter your fitness goal. Yes, you can build extreme muscle mass on this machine. I hope they will release an upgrade version though, with a bigger (and stronger + more stable footplate) and some of the leg accesories for curls etc. that the Total Gym also have. I also wish they'd make proper carabiners & use actual steel cords for the pulley system, rather than the plastic & thread cord they use now. But overall, it's great. But Taurus/Fitshop/Sport Tiedje, do make an upgraded version & put proper advertisement to it, then it could be a HUGE seller.... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Tolles Gerät für Zuhause. Das Prinzip des total trainer war mir duch mehrere Trainingsstunden beim Physio bekannt. Die Qualität schein in Ordnung zu sein. Die Rollen / Gleitschiene könnten besser ausgeführt sein da hier spürbar eine Kante ist. Mal abwarten wie die Rollen nach längerer Nutzung aussehen.
2 persons found this review helpful
Ich habe in der Physiotherapiepraxis häufig mit dem Gravity Training System (GTS) trainiert und war von der Vielseitigkeit der möglichen Übungen begeistert. Ich habe dann lange gesucht, solch ein Gerät für den heimischen Einsatz zu bekommen. Das original GTS liegt preislich bei 4000 - 5000,- Euro! Es ist sicherlich ein Profi-Gerät, aber für den heimischen Einsatz doch etwas übertrieben. Der Taurus Total Trainer ist solide aufgebaut, leicht zu verstauen nach dem Training und bietet endlos viele Möglichkeiten, eine Vielzahl an Muskelgruppen zu trainieren. Genial finde ich das Ausnutzen des eigenen Körpergewichtes als Trainingswiderstand (eben Prinzip des GTS). Für den Preis von 699,- Euro bekommt man ein super verarbeitetes Trainingsgerät, was auch bei meiner Körperlänge von 193 ausreichend groß ist und an dem ich lange meine Freude haben werde.... [Read more]
1 person found this review helpful
Un banco de ejercicio muy completo y compacto para casa. Con la bici que tengo y con esta multiestación, la verdad es que puedo realizar sesiones en las que trabajo con muchos ejercicios distintos. El asiento se desliza my suavemente por los railes, y los acabados de todo el aparato son muy buenos. Como puedes ponerlo con distintos niveles de inclinación, te permite ajustar muy bien la dificultad para cada ejercicio. Además, viene con un DVD que a mi me ha ayudado a sacarle mucho partido a la máquina.... [Read more]

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