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Boxing gloves for sparring and competition

Regarding especially sparring and competition, boxing gloves are responsible for protecting your hands as well as your training partner from injuries. This protection is mainly achieved by a strong padding as well as a sewed on thumb piece, avoiding turning one's thumb for a punch.

We strongly recommend boxing gloves made of genuine leather for intensive use, because these are breathable and much more durable than other materials due to their high solidity.

Boxing gloves for sparring and/or competition are measured in ounces. The number of ounces reflects the weight of the boxing glove and determines how strong the boxing glove is padded.

When you chose the boxing glove, the number of ounces is not really a size indiction but an indication about the amount of filling. As protection of your own hands as well as of the sparring partner, the use of a boxing glove of a relatively high number of ounces has to be chosen; for use with training equipment like heavy bags or hook and jab pads, a harder boxing glove of a lower number of ounces can be chosen.

We offer boxing gloves for each situation from 8 to 16 ounces (OZ). In addition, we recommend to purchase boxing wraps for supporting the wrists for intensive workout sessions.

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