RD 953 body analysis scale Bluetooth

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  • Tanita RD901: very precise, bluetooth compatible body analysis scales
  • Measurings: total weight, Body Mass Index, body fat, fat-free mass (kg), indicator for visceral fat, muscle mass, total body water, bone mineral mass, metabolic age
  • Quick segment analysis in 15 seconds
  • Immediate data transmission via Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone
  • Activated when stepped on
  • User is automatically recognised
  • Modern, slim design
  • Easy-to-understand presentation of the measured results with direct coloured evaluation
  • Five memories for user data
  • Max. user-weight: 200 kg

Very precise, bluetooth-able body analysis scale

The RD 953 body analysis scale Bluetooth is the first Bluetooth Smart body fat scale of the company Tanita. Behind its decent look, the Tanita RD-901/RD-953 shows what's really inside. Due to the dual frequency BIA measuring and the 50 g segmentation, the RD-901/RD-953 measures very precisely all in all ten body values. The RD 953 body analysis scale Bluetooth provides measuring values like weight, body fat percentage, body water, Body Mass Index (BMI), metabolic age as well as muscle percentage within few seconds.

Smart body fat scale

The Tanita scale RD901/RD-953 recognises automatically the user, when he/she steps on it, starts the measuring, and displays ten body values one after the other. Some values are already evaluated with a red, yellow or green background light.

The measured values are transmitted via radio to the Tanita Healthplanet App on your iPhone (from 4s) or iPad (from 2). When your iPhone or iPad is close by, the result is automatically transmitted, if not, then the scale saves the results until the next connection. In order to check the development of your personal values and a long-term control, the measured results can be tracked in a graphic in the App and the web-based software. The App and the web-based software are available in English.

Body analysis with the bio-impedance technology

The decent look of the TANITA RD-901/RD-953 hides what is really inside. The same technology, which is approved among the professional use at thousands of physicians, fitness gyms, and professional sportsmen, is used for the Tanita body fat scale. The transparent, almost invisible electrodes on the tread are patented sensors, which record the body values by means of the bio-impedance analysis. Two low-frequency, electric currents flow through the body. While the signal is flowing through the muscles, fat, and water percentages of the body, the body compositi on is calculated by means of scientific equations as well as individual values of the user. That makes the measuring even more precise and almost twice as fast as those of older models with just 15 seconds.

RD-953 Instruction Manual (EN) 2016

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.

Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use 2 years

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