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Garmin sport watch fenix 5

Garmin sport watch fenix 5 7 Customer ratings
Item number GA-010-01688-00
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7 Customer ratings
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Product details: Garmin sport watch fenix 5

  • Here you get to the top model, the Garmin fenix 5X Sapphire or the smaller Garmin fenix 5S models!
  • Precious, multi-functional sport watch with Smartwatch functions: for everyday life as well as for the triathlon, for example
  • Highlights and innovations – Garmin sport watch fenix 5
    • high-resolution, coloured Chroma display with good readability even in direct sunlight
    • heart rate measuring on the wrist or with a chest strap
    • Smartwatch functions: compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows
    • GPS and Glonass for position and route determination
    • self configurable display and many contents for download, i. e., Widgets
    • High-quality materials, optionally, i. e., sapphire glass
    • Multi-sport profiles individually combinable
    • Fitness tracker integrated (i. e., pedometer or inactivity alarm)
    • Trailrunning functions with automated change between running and climbing and total amount of altimeter
    • Grouptrack tracks the current position of your group members during your activity
  • Wide-range functions for training measuring and structuring, among other things, GPS functions with track, distance, pace
  • Easy change of types of sport at the touch of a button
  • Special programmes and functions for many types of sport, among other things, running, trekking, indoor sports, swimming, golfing, cycling, indoor cycling, skiing, and many more
  • Waterproof up to 10 ATM (corresponds to a test pressure of 100 metres); suitable as swimming/triathlon watch
  • Equipped with functions for professional training analysis: anaerobic threshold, measuring of the effect on aerobic and anaerobic fitness, precise track planning and analysis, lap measuring, and adjustable alarm functions
  • Sturdy, high-quality case with steel bezel and steel case bottom
  • Integrated EXO antenna with two positioning systems (GPS and GLONASS) for precise position determination on any terrain
  • Sensors – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • GPS and GLONASS
    • heart rate measuring on the wrist (Garmin Elevate technology)
    • barometric altimeter
    • compass
    • gyroscope
    • acceleration sensor
    • thermometer
  • Watch functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • time/date
    • GPS time synchronising
    • automated summer time
    • alarm
    • timer
    • stop watch
    • times for sunset and sunrise
  • Smartwatch functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • Connect IQ: Apps, designs, Widgets for download
    • Smart Notifications, i.e., calls or emails
    • weather
    • music functions
    • create your own display design with Face It, i.e. download own photos on the display
    • Find my phone function
    • remote control VIRB
    • compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile
  • Fitness tracker functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • pedometer
    • inactivity alarm
    • sleep monitoring (sleeping times, measuring whether its a deep or restless sleep)
    • calorie consumption
    • conquered floors / covered distance
    • duration of physical activity / intensity minutes
  • Heart rate functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • heart rate zones and alarms
    • measuring on the wrist (or per separately available chest strap)
    • recording of heart rate while swimming with separately available HRM-Tri chest strap
    • test of heart rate variability for determining the fitness level
    • calculation of HRmax and displaying the % HRmax
  • Running functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • pre-installed running profiles: running, indoor running, trailrunning
    • distance, time, pace, route tracking
    • evaluation of running efficiency
    • with separate accessory: floor contact time, vertical movement (step height), step length in real time
    • cadence
    • measuring of your fitness level: compares your performance with your average fitness level after a run of 6 to 20 minutes
    • supports speed/cadence sensors – separately available
  • Improvement of running efficiency by measuring cadence, floor contact time, vertical movement, VO2 max. as well as determination and recovery guide:
    • cadence – the higher the cadence, the more efficient and more joint-gentle the running style is
    • vertical movement – the lower the up and down movement while running, the less energy is required. The target is rather to "slide" than to "jump" while running
    • floor contact time – this value indicates in milli seconds, how long your foot touches the floor. The shorter the floor contact time, the quicker and more efficient your run is.
  • Outdoor functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • Many training profiles, among other things: climbing, hiking, stand-up paddling, rowing machine or tactical use
    • point-to-point-navigation
    • route recording in real time and back-to-start function
    • UltraTrac: mode especially for ultra-long-distance runners; records up to 60 hours of training
    • barometer: height profile, storm warning, weather trend
    • measuring of vertical speed, ascent/descent in total
  • Cycling functions – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • pre-installed cycle profiles, i.e. mountain biking, triathlon
    • compatibility with Strava
    • compatible with further sensors like cadence sensor
    • all GPS functions like speed or distance
    • interval training
    • lap sensor
  • Swimming training, among other things, with pre-installed swimming profiles, lane determination, efficiency of strokes (SWOLF), swimming style determination, distance measuring, and many more
  • Wide-range golf functions: distance to the green, statistics memory, golf stroke width measuring, etc.
  • Internal memory of 64 MB:
    • 1000 waypoints
    • 30 routes
    • 200 hours track recording
  • Display specifications – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • MIP display (Memory in Pixel), transflective: well to read even in direct sunlight
    • display size: 1.2 inches / 30.4 mm in diameter
    • resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Lithium-ions battery, lifetime:
    • Smart mode: up to two weeks
    • GPS-/HR mode: up to 24 hours
    • UltraTrac mode: up to 60 hours
  • Material – Garmin sport watch fenix 5:
    • watch glass: sapphire glass or glass
    • bezel: stainless steel
    • case: stainless steel
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, WLAN for the sapphire models
  • Sizes:
    • 47 x 47 x 15.5 mm
    • 85 g
  • Scope of delivery:
    • fenix 5, documents and charging cable
    • fenix 5 Sapphire, additional QuickFit silicone wristband (22 mm), documents and charging cable
    • Performer Bundle: grey fenix 5 with black wristband, documents, charging cable, triathlon heart rate chest strap
    • Performer Bundle: black fenix 5 Sapphire with black wristband, additional QuickFit-silicone wristband (22 mm), documents, charging cable, triathlon heart rate chest strap
  • Additional functions of the fenix 5X Sapphire:
    • pre-installed, routing-able Europe outdoor & bike map; additionally more than 40,000 international golf courses
    • the Roundtrip Routing function offers runners or cyclists an easy possibility to plan a roundtrip of any length on the watch
    • internal memory: 16 GB
    • WLAN able

Description: Garmin sport watch fenix 5

For the moment, the demand for the new fenix 5 models is much higher than the product availability, that Garmin can guarantee being the manufacturer. However, being a selected premium specialist retailer, T-Fitness is preferentially supplied by Garmin and will be among the first, who receive the new fenix 5 models. However, we still recommend you to place a (pre-) order due to the high demand in order to avoid longer waits.

Garmin fenix 5: Fascinating premium GPS multi-sport smartwatch!

Discover the Garmin sport watch fenix 5 – a smartwatch for the everyday use, which transforms into a multi-functional sport monitor with GPS in no time. Using the fenix 5 – the successor of the fenix 3 –, you benefit from even more possibilities, even more functions, and even more action. You expect: an improved heart rate measuring, an even more precise GPS tracking, further analysing possibilities, a Performance-Wigdet (overview about all important data of the training sessions done), the Grouptrack function (track the activity of group members in real time), an even easier use, versatile design possibilities of the display as well as the possibility to exchange wristbands with a practical quick-change-mechanism(QuickFit Funktion). The Garmin fenix 5 is not just a premium fitness tracker, but also a premium multi-sport watch, which meets best your requirements.

Garmin sport watch fenix 5: The appropriate model for every requirement!

The Garmin sport watch fenix 5 is available in three versions: fenix 5S, fenix 5, and fenix 5X. The Garmin fenix 5S is the smallest model of the fenix 5 series. It is excellent for smaller wrists. The fenix 5S is equipped with a case diameter of 42 mm, a display resolution of 218 x 218 pixels, and a battery lifetime in the GPS mode of approx. 14 hours. It convinces by highest performance in a small format and with a soft elegance. The Garmin fenix 5 – the standard model – is equipped with a case diameter of 47 mm, a display resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, and a battery lifetime in the GPS mode of approx. 24 hours. The fenix 5 standard model convinces as a compact GPS multi-sport smartwatch and an outstanding design. The Garmin fenix 5X is the biggest model. It convinces by its plain sturdiness and an extraordinarily stable workmanship. The case diameter is 51 mm, the screen diagonal is 1.2 inches with a display resolution of 240 x 240 pixelx, and a battery lifetime in the GPS mode of approx. 20 hours. The fenix 5X is perfect for the outdoor use and is equipped with pre-installed maps in colour for navigating to your target( i.e., recreational maps of Europe and among other things also several saved golf courses). Depending upon the model, the case of the Garmin fenix 5 models is made of anti-glare mineral glass or scratch-proof sapphire glass. The bezel, the case bottom as well as the buttons are made of steel. The colour display is always-on and very well and clearly readable with direct sunlight as well.

Garmin sport watch fenix 5 – multi-functional, precise, powerfull, and waterproof up to 100 m.

One thing which all models of the fenix 5 series have in common and what makes them unique in this segment, is that they are waterproof up to 10ATM! That makes them suitable for swimming as well as for diving. Furthermore, the fenix 5 models are equipped with several sensors as standard. That includes, among other things, barometer, acceleration sensor, GPS and GLONASS satellite receiver, altimeter, three-axes-compass, pulse monitor, pedometer, thermometer. These offer several measurings, calculations, and analyses. The Garmin fenix 5 models are also equipped with the heart rate measuring on the wrist (Elevate technologie), pre-installed activity profiles for all your activities, training and adventure, sleeping analysis, advanced performance values (i.e., VO2max calculation, calculation of the training load, calculation of the performance-related anaerobic threshold, recovery guide, and many more), indications about the training level, etc.. In this context, be convinced by the new Performance Widget. Here you find all information in a central place and you have a direct access to all important training statistics. Montior always your training level and get information about the effectivity of the training. Special functions for running, cycling, swimming, skiing, golfing as well as canoeing types of sport including stand-up paddling and rowing complete the device perfectly.

Heart rate measuring on the wrist.

The Garmin fenix 5 multi-sport watches are equipped with the Elevate technology. That means, they are equipped with visual pulse sensors (on the bottom of the case) for a permanent heart rate measuring on the wrist. The heart rate is an importuant figure, which presents your training level. It is especially important during a (sporty) activity to calculate it and to monitor it at any time, because you control your training intensity by means of the heart rate. The fenix 5 models record permanently your daily activities and include your heart rate as well. That's how you get more precise values regarding your calorie consumption. Of course, the Garmin fenix 5 models also provide the heart rate measuring with a chest strap.

{Garmin sport watch fenix 5: Smart. Smarter. The smartest.

Give your watch a special personal touch with online functions like Smart Notifications, automated uploads in the online fitness community Garmin Connect as well as possibilities for adapting the watch with free display designs and Apps of the Connect IQ-Shop. For instance, you can download the free Garmin Face-It-App and personalise your fenix with a photo shot with the smarthpone. In the Smartwatch mode (when your smartphone is linked with the Garmin fenix 5 via Bluetooth LE), the Garmin fenix 5 always informs you about calls, messages of any kind (emails, SMS, alarms, etc.), news from the social networks, and reminds you of dates. The fenix 5 models are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows (Phone) 10.

Multi-functional, reliable, smart - either Garmin fenix 5S, fenix 5 or fenix 5X, all models are real all-rounders, which support you perfectly in your daily and sporty activities. Esthetic and athletic at the same time!

Warranty conditions: Garmin sport watch fenix 5

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

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Opinion of other customers:

Garmin sport watch fenix 5 de by Michael Hollmann on 20.4.2017 5 Version: Sapphire
Abwicklung von Tiedje war erste Klasse! Samstags gekauft, Sonntags gesehen, dass es eine 1-tägige 5% Aktion gibt. Hotline ist Sonntags besetzt, haben mir wie selbstverständlich die 5% gewährt. Vielen Dank dafür noch einmal! Dienstags wurde die Uhr geliefert. Zur Uhr. Ist meine erste Smartwatch. Ich würde sie nich... [Read more]t wieder her geben. Funktioniert wie gewünscht, und der Akku hält tatsächlich ca. 10 Tage. Ich denke, wenn ich nicht mehr so viel damit rumspiele, wird sie auch 14 Tage halten. Also - klare Kaufempfehlung!!! [Show less]
Garmin sport watch fenix 5 de by Gernot on 5.4.2017 5 Version: Sapphire
Etwas kleiner als die Fenix 3, dadurch angenehmer zu tragen. Akkulaufzeit von 2 Wochen gibts sonst auch bei keiner Smartwatch. Die Quickfit Bands sind wirklich in Sekunden gewechselt, gerade vor einem Lauf sehr angenehm. Die Software hat noch ein paar Bugs, welche hoffentlich in Zukunft behoben werden.
Garmin sport watch fenix 5 de by Perhab Rudolf on 4.4.2017 5 Version: without chest strap
Die Uhr hat insgesamt viele tolle Funktionen und sieht sehr stylisch aus. Besonders positiv hevorvorheben möchte ich die Akkulaufzeit von 14 Tagen.In diesen ersten 2 Wochen habe ich immerhin alle Einstellungen vorgenommen und einige sportlichen Aktivitäten mit der Uhr unternommen. Einzig die Pulsanzeige dürfte nich... [Read more]t genau sein. Wem dies wichtig ist, müsste einfach den Pulsgurt dazu kaufen und verwenden. [Show less]
Garmin sport watch fenix 5 de by Martin Tappe on 31.3.2017 5 Version: without chest strap
Die Garmin Fenix 5 ist die perfekte Sport-Smartwatch. Wasserdicht mit mehreren Tagen Akkuleistung. Qualität und Tragegefühl sind ausgezeichnet. Verbindung mit dem Smartphone dauert keine 30 Sekunden. Die Größe von 47 mm empfinde ich als optimal um sie auch im Alltag tragen zu können. Tolle Uhr. Bestellung und L... [Read more]ieferung wie immer schnell und ohne Probleme. [Show less]
Garmin sport watch fenix 5 se by Hans Persson on 29.3.2017 5 Version: without chest strap
Storleken känns perfekt för mig. Tänkte ett tag köpa 5x men bestämde mig för denna och har inte ångrat mig. Köpte performer bundle som inkluderar ett pulsband om man vill mäta pulsen mera exakt under träning. Med pulsbandet får man också en massa extra data om man löper, cyklar eller simmmar. Allt har fun... [Read more]gerat bra och menyerna är lätta att lära sig. Klockan känns gedigen och sitter bra på armen. Ett stort plus för "quickfit band" som gör att du kan byta armbandet på ett par sekunder om man vill ha ett lite elegantare när man inte tränar. [Show less]
Garmin sport watch fenix 5 de by Oliver Manela on 23.3.2017 5 Version: without chest strap
Sehr gute Sportuhr mit Benachrichtigungsfunktion. Schönes Design, lange Akkulaufzeit.
Garmin sport watch fenix 5 de by Oliver Manela on 23.3.2017 5 Version: Sapphire
Sehr gute Sportuhr mit Benachrichtigungsfunktionen. Super Design, lange Akkulaufzeit.
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